Hellooo! Sorry I wasn't active for too long.. but don't worry, I'm here again and I'll show you what happened from February till now (exactly till June).
Better late than never! ;)

Okay, so..

...on March 26th me and by boyfriend visited Geneva Motor Show (considered as an bigggg and important international auto show) in Switzerland.

new Mazda RX-vision concept.. why so perfect?! :')
It was amazing to see so many crazy (and cool, of course) concept cars

...on May 4th we went on Internautica in Portorož, some ice-cream in Cacao place (best ice-cream omg!) and delicious dinner in another beautiful city near Portorož, Piran ❤︎

...on May 14th we visited Munich (Germany) with college.. here are only a few photos..
beautiful Cathedral at Marienplatz
quote from ‘Pinakothek der Moderne’ 
..and finally, some pictures from BMW museum :) 

PS. be ready for new freebies ;)

Enjoy the day! ly ❤︎

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