Two thousand fifteen

Kaj sem dosegla, doživela, občutila, tudi izgubila.. tukaj so v glavnem zbrane vse moje asociacije na leto 2015 :)

Lake Zbilje

Me and my family visited beautiful place, called Lake Zbilje! :)


Hi everyone, here are some photos from a trip to Otočec with my boyfriend :)

Busy october

School, school, By Mia bags, school, By Mia bags, sketching, rendering, giveaway, school..


Hi guyss! I can't believe the last post with free wallpapers reached such a big success. That's why I decided to make another post with freebies! :))

Our mini project - By Mia bags

We have so many news for you guys..
It's almost one year since me and my younger sister started with a project called By Mia bags.

hello, autumn & hello, college

Pa smo dočakali prvi dan faksa.. in s tem tudi konec najdaljših počitnic!


Wow, i am still coming down from this 10-day vacation with my boyfriend haha.. This is the furthest I have ever been away from home and we had the BEST time. Click 'read more' below to see where we stayed, what we did and what we admired …definitely recommend all these places!


Hi guys! I hope you like these gorgeous free desktop wallpapers I found on web!
If you want to download your favorites just click on links (below) and save them. Enjoy your fresh wallpaper! :))

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Four days in Zagreb

Million of bakeries, beautiful women and amazing cathedral are my first associations on Zagreb (Croatia) now haha.


Photos from Krk and Šilo, two beautiful towns from Island Krk.